Don't forget to make it to the record release show at The Tractor on October 25th. We go on at 9pm sharp! Also.... we got a really nice review from The Seattle Weekly. Check it out below.

A Better Place
Out now
Spun into an intricate web of bluegrass, americana, country and rock, A Better Place is as transparent as it is honest.

The Seattle band's debut album, which was recorded in between professional and home studios, is the result of three very different people coming together to make one fun and upbeat album rooted in stories of love, loss and not taking people's shit. Can't argue with that.

My favorite, "Fathers and Sons," strays away from the angrier rock 'n' roll vibe of "Big Kids" and instead opts for more of a West Texas, bumpin' and rollin' southern feel. Tony Fulgham's twangy voice and crying guitar are perfectly complimented by the female harmonies of bassist Moe Provencher and drummer Aimee Zoe Tubbs, who also happen to be dating and longtime music partners.

"I'm so sorry 'bout when I drag you down in the mud just so you get dirty too," sings Fulgham on "I'm Sorry," a song that starts slow and builds with a genuine intensity. A Better Place plays like a diary entry from beginning to end, with three people telling stories and spilling their guts. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's sad. But more importantly, it's real. -Joe Williams


Jackrabbit's debut LP, "A Better Place" will release on September 25th for digital download and the vinyl LP will be available October 25th at the record release party, Sonic Boom and Easy St records. For all of you folks not in Seattle, you can order the vinyl from CDBABY. The record release show will be at The Tractor Tavern with Kristen Ward (who is also releasing a CD) and The Brambles. We play first so get there early and then we can all drink together all night long.